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ELASTEN® has been tested in studies by independent scientists and dermatologists.


ELASTEN® has been tested in studies by independent scientists and dermatologists.

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Elasten Welle
Elasten Welle


ELASTEN® is unique: Several product-own, placebo-controlled blind studies prove the beauty effects. The internationally published studies specifically examined ELASTEN® and did not just refer to existing, old studies on collagen: The product-specific studies show that the first beauty effects can be seen all over the body after just one month.


The appearance of the skin is determined by the natural structural process and external influences such as UV radiation, nicotine and environmental toxins. The middle layer of the skin (dermis) is of particular importance because it contains a lot of collagen and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan). Collagen forms the basic framework of the network (matrix) in the deep layers of the skin, which is crucial for the appearance, tone and elasticity of the skin and connective tissue.

Sustainable effectiveness

Important skin structures
The framework of collagen fibers is also the basis for other structures. These include elastic fibers and proteins that give the skin elasticity and help it retain a lot of moisture. In short, collagen is responsible for the outer appearance. 80 percent of young and healthy skin consists of collagen.

Focus on drinking collagen
All the important building blocks of the skin, i.e. collagen, hyaluronan and the like, are produced by connective tissue cells (fibroblasts). Since collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the human body and determines skin density, skin hydration and elasticity in the deep layers of the skin, the research focus for many years has been on the oral intake of special collagen peptides to optimize the collagen balance. For good efficacy, these must have a special quality and high bioavailability.

How our skin ages
Since collagen is continuously broken down in the body, it must always be newly formed by the cells. What still works smoothly when we are young becomes increasingly difficult as we age. The result: the body’s collagen depot melts and the collagen balance becomes negative. In other words, more collagen is broken down than produced. This is because the collagen-producing cells work less effectively with age.

Collagen content decreases with age

It all depends on the quality

Depending on the manufacturing parameters, the collagen peptides can vary in size and thus contain a different amount of different amino acids. Examples include the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. If the peptides are absorbed orally, they are further broken down in the stomach. This natural digestion process in the stomach is essential so that the peptides can be ideally absorbed.

Influenced by hormones
In addition, the hormone balance changes, which is particularly noticeable during menopause, because when estrogen levels fall, collagen production also declines. Studies show that from the age of 25, less and less new collagen is formed, so that the total amount of collagen in the body continuously decreases from this period onwards. After menopause, the collagen content of the skin then decreases even more significantly.


Often the oral intake of an active ingredient alone is not sufficient to achieve positive effects on the skin. For this, it must also be bioavailable. The term bioavailability defines the bioactive amount of an orally ingested component, such as collagen peptides, that reaches the bloodstream via the digestive system (digestion in the stomach and absorption in the small intestine) and is thus made available to the metabolism of a target tissue, such as the skin. The special collagen peptides in ELASTEN® bear a close resemblance to naturally occurring collagen in the body and are also bioavailable.

Special [HC] collagen complex®

The path to beauty from within
After oral ingestion, the small collagen peptides are further broken down in the stomach passage by the enzymes present there, such as the digestive enzyme pepsin. This natural digestion process occurs in the same way during daily food intake. The reduction process breaks down the already small peptides into even smaller fragments of three or two contiguous as well as individual amino acids. This is necessary for effective absorption of the peptides and amino acids in the small intestine.

Important digestion process
If the peptides were to enter the small intestine without prior contact with gastric acid, the bioavailability would be significantly lower. Unlike special drugs, for example, which have to be protected from gastric acid with a special capsule, the digestion process in the stomach is therefore of crucial importance for the natural collagen peptides and the desired effects.

Transport into the skin layers
If the small peptides and the free amino acids reach the small intestine, they are absorbed there and transported via the vascular system into the skin and other tissues, such as muscles, joints and cartilage. Due to their size and composition, the peptides are then available for normal collagen metabolism in the deep layers of the skin.

Many studies have been able to demonstrate the bioavailability and transport of collagen peptides using special, modern research methods.

Long-term intake
Consumption over 8 to 12 weeks is useful for ensuring a sufficiently high bioavailability of ELASTEN®.

Good tolerability
ELASTEN® is characterized by very good tolerability and is suitable for long-term use. Interactions with medications and other health products are not known or expected for ELASTEN® or for the individual ingredients. It contains no alcohol and is lactose- and gluten-free.

Gluten free

Lactose free



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The quality of collagen peptides can vary greatly. “Collagen peptides” alone first of all say nothing about quality and composition. For this reason, it is also indispensable that studies have been conducted with the respective product and not only with the individual ingredients. ELASTEN® was recently put through its paces in several scientific studies. The results of the placebo-controlled clinical studies have been published internationally and prove that various parameters such as skin hydration, skin elasticity, skin roughness and skin density are significantly improved by taking the product compared to the placebo group.

In addition, the studies proved that the effects are actually detectable all over the body. The improvements were measurable and visible to participants on the face, décolleté, forearm and thigh.

Contact our scientific team for more information.

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