27.07.2022 - Angela S.

ELASTEN is very convenient for daily use and tasty at the same time due to the handy ampoules. They fit in any handbag and are a good companion when traveling. My facial skin is more radiant, fine lines are barely visible. The overall skin texture is much smoother and firmer, especially on the thighs and buttocks. It is a perfect beauty product for me.

17.03.2022 - Angelika F.

Kundenstimme von Angelika

I use the product daily for about half a year. Since I am and always have been a sun girl, my skin has now clearly seen the extensive sunbathing with my 51 years. The skin on my arms and décolleté had become somewhat wrinkled. Since I have been taking ELASTEN®, my skin feels smoother again. My physiotherapist also confirmed this to me during the last massage. I am 100 percent convinced of the effectiveness of the product.

17.03.2022 - Helena O.

Kundenstimme von Helena zu Elasten

Unfortunately, I have had little success with creams alone. Until I became aware of ELASTEN® through a friend who works in a pharmacy. Already after 4 weeks I noticed a change. My skin suddenly no longer felt so dry. Also my wrinkles became visibly less and my skin looked much fresher. And the taste is so delicious to boot. I can highly recommend ELASTEN®.

17.03.2022 - Nic B.

Kundenstimme von Nic zu Elasten Trinkampullen

After a certain age, creams alone are no longer enough and “true beauty” comes from within. ELASTEN® starts where my cream stops. I work in the fashion industry and my appearance is important to me. With ELASTEN® I have found the perfect complement to my care and I feel good in my skin.

17.03.2022 - Tania S.

Kundenfeedback von Tanja zu Elasten Kollagen-Trinkampullen

There is a product that works from the inside and makes every woman radiate in her naturalness. ELASTEN! Oh yes, and it is also delicious. In addition, I still recommend facial yoga, laugh a lot and enjoy life. My skin on the face has become more robust and firm and also not so dry for a long time.


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